Lynn Hanon

MRHS Forensics – Speech & Debate Team "Leadership through Speech"

Forensics is the term given to competitive speech and debate activity. Our award-winning Forensics Team is currently comprised of approximately 10 students in grades nine through twelve. The team strives to demonstrate excellence in speech and debate in a variety of competitive settings, while pursuing a higher goal of helping members build leadership skills.

Meetings~Tuesdays and/ or Thursdays – and individual practices based on the students schedule.

Extemporaneous Speaking
Dramatic Performance
Duo Interpretation
Oral Interpretation of Literature
Original Oratory

Student Congress

Debate Categories

Meeting Times:
By appointment 2:30-4:00 - room 101

Attendance Hotline Phone number: (410) 313-5437 · School Code (CEEB) 210745 · Webmaster: mrhswebmaster@gmail.com